What is Issaquah Girls Basketball Association?

IGBA is a select basketball club in Issaquah, Washington, with the intent of developing the character and skills of 4th–8th grade girls planning to attend Issaquah High School. Our girls play in two leagues for regular season games — the Eastside Travel League (ETL) for A teams, and the PEAK League for B teams. Both ETL and PEAK start the first weekend in December and continue through February, culminating in a playoffs weekend in early March. There are usually 2 games a weekend — Saturday and/or Sunday with approximately 3-4 tournament weekends. To be eligible for an IGBA A team, players must live within the Issaquah High School boundaries (an ETL requirement). For questions about eligibility, inquire at

My daughter plays soccer or plays on another Club Basketball team – how do I juggle practices and games for both?

Communication is key to succeeding in these scenarios.  It is important to discuss your daughter’s schedule with all coaches involved prior to accepting an offer to play for IGBA.  An occasional missed practice, game, or tournament is acceptable, however, we ask that IGBA is your top athletic commitment during the season.

Who are the coaches?

All IGBA coaches are experienced in building, developing, and leading highly competitive select basketball teams.

What can my daughter expect in terms of playing time?

There is no playing time guarantee. Playing time is determined by many factors, including overall skill level, attitude, attendance, respect for coaches and teammates, hustle, and game dynamics.

How many players are on a team?

IGBA makes every effort to form at least one team per age group. The number of players on the official team roster is determined by the coaching staff, but cannot exceed 12 players.

What does the player fee include?

The 2023-2024 player fee is $750. The player fee helps cover expenses such as coaches, gym rentals, league and tournament fees, training at Elite, and insurance. The fee does not cover the cost of uniforms (approximately $125 -$150 every two years) or fees associated with playing in the state tournament. Scholarships are available at the discretion of the Board of Directors for those athletes and their families who are unable to assume the costs of participation. Inquire about scholarships at

What happens if my daughter doesn’t make an IGBA team?

Skills dramatically change year to year, so not making the team this year doesn’t mean she will not make it next year. If your daughter does not make an IGBA team, she has the opportunity to play for an AAU team. You can find out about these opportunities from our coaches after tryouts or by e-mailing us at

Will IGBA allow a player to “play up” a grade level?

Yes, players can “play up” one grade level, but it’s very uncommon. The final decision is made by the IGBA coaches involved, but typically a player would need to be one of the strongest players to play at the upper grade level. IGBA also allows 3rd graders to tryout and be offered a spot on a 4th grade team if they can successfully compete at that grade level.

What if a player tests positive or is exposed to COVID-19?

Please see the WA Department of Health K-12 Guidelines for COVID-19 protocols found here:  Requirements and Guidance to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission in K-12 Schools and Child Care (